The World Soul by Robert Cano Paperback

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Book 3 of the Soul of Sorrow series.

Bene hasn’t been seen since the battle against the Shadow Cult that created him.

The world is still reeling from the aftermath of the War of Shadow. Queens Elliana and Quora are working to rebuild what was destroyed. Commander Yilan no longer trusts her old ally, and his claims of what he was doing while the rest of them fought to protect their world.

Now the very ground rumbles beneath their feet, the air is unsettled, and the water’s flow shifts strangely. The gods are uneasy. And The Mists where Bene was last seen are growing.

No one believes this is a coincidence. 

Yet again, it falls upon General Malatha’s shoulders to find a way to bring the world together once more.  As such, new and old alliances are borne of necessity. But everyone knows that with Bene missing, they will not be strong enough to stand against whatever it is that has frightened the gods themselves. Even more telling, the Father of Dragons appears to be worried, and his sister who hates all life seems entirely too pleased about something.

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