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How easily we address it in others, yet so often we deflect it in ourselves. At least. That’s the case with the Plachette family, having just suffered a loss of a beloved wife and mother, Kathy. 

Henry and his daughter must shoulder their grief and carry on, though chaos threatens to overtake them at any moment. As luck and legacy would have it, they are not alone in their struggle; a healing realm awaits them both on the tattered edges of the dream world and reality. 

Spade, the conduit between the healing realm and human reality, has returned to warn, instruct, and to fight for them both, though her preference for the forest animals is hardly a secret. Henry and Drea must face their inner chaos in the dream realm to heal or succumb to an alluring fate of eternal emptiness. They are not alone in their battle, but the parallel between fantasy and reality will be questioned every step of the way.