Scars by Stacy Overby Paperback

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When Shawn Russell went against Black Ops Command in order to help his best friend and fellow agent Eli Thorson, he knew it was a gamble. Eli had proof of illegal orders and Shawn wasn’t going to let him take the fall. That’s just the kind of man Shawn is—loyal, selfless, and honest. Which has led him down a path of pain and suffering before.

The corruption runs deeper than either man thought, however. While Eli is protected with his new status as the man who saved the Command, Shawn is marked as the agent who disobeyed orders to bring the traitor down. Now Shawn must pay for that, and there’s a General who is determined to make sure it’s in the most painful ways possible.
Shawn’s put his life on the line to do what’s right before, but never when so much is on the line. He can either keep his head down and do what they want, or gamble again and pray he can take them down first. Shawn’s mama always told him go big or go home, and this mission has the highest stakes of all.