Say Yes Sir by Freesia Woodley Paperback

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Book 3 of Beau Ties series

It was supposed to be a one-night play session. 

Zephyr Nikolaev needs a heavy BDSM scene to help him blow off steam before his big day. The day he stands at the altar with the man he loves and watches as that man marries his beautiful bride. In order to endure that, he picks up a stunning Dom for the night to help him forget his heartache.

Cash Kim had thought he'd found the sub of his dreams until their play session ended with the sub walking out the door without taking his number. Hurt by the rejection, he’s still stewing over it when he shows up at his twin sister’s wedding. And sees that sub standing with his new brother-in-law.

There's still a palpable spark between them and Cash is determined to get more time with Zephyr. And maybe once the sub realizes how well they fit as play partners, he'll be ready for more. He has no idea why Zephyr is acting so cagey when he responds so sweetly to his touch.

Zephyr can’t deny how much he wants to find someone who treats him the way he’s always dreamed of. The way Cash treats him. Zephyr's bruised heart isn’t ready to move on, even with the Dom who gives him everything he needs.

Say Yes, Sir is a BDSM, best friend's brother (in-law) romance with a happily ever after.

Triggers: Suicidal ideology, self harm, picking, mentions of prior self harm, mentions of abuse by family, on page abuse by family