Refuge and Wrath by Rebekah Jonesy ebook

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Book 8 of Mab's Doll series

The children of Eclipse Court are crying out in need and Queen Gillian must respond. 

Now that they are protected and fed, the changeling children of the court are starting to come into their powers and fae forms. The children need a mother to teach them the ways of their tribes.

Despite the rarity of mothers, Gillian uncovers an American legend of the Mothman, a winged creature with large red eyes seen flying in the skies around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 

Sightings haven't occurred for a long time, but the description in the legend fits the mother Gillian needs for her court.  If she can make the mother see reason, there may be hope yet.

There is just one problem, most Mothers hate the Aos Si, especially queens, and they have been known to throw mountains at anyone who bothers them.

Now Queen Gillian of the Aos Si must ask one to join her court.

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