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I don’t understand my life, or how I’m even alive. As far as I can tell I’m just a character trapped in this book. I couldn’t even move around on the page at first. Until I met her.


The day she walked into my bookstore was the start of my real life. She has given me everything, even my name, Wyatt. 

Alexandra is my everything. Even the voice that whispers to me from somewhere within my book tells me I should help her. That she needs me. But what can I, a two dimensional character stuck within the pages of a book, do for a living breathing person like her? I would do anything for her, just to see her happy. And maybe one day…. Everyone wishes that the person they fall in love will love them back. Including me. 

What I didn’t count on was that her love would turn out to be a trap, nor did I count on finding my true love within that prison.