Plank Children by Michael Schutz Paperback

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Miles Baumgartner must start his life over at 41. He lost his boyfriend. His home. His job. Worst of all, he lost his beloved nephew when Ian died, mangled in a car crash nine months ago.


So how is there a brand-new photo of Ian on Facebook?


Miles follows a trail of rumors and half-truths to a long-abandoned orphanage in the Wisconsin Northwoods. But St. Hamelin’s is not as empty as he expected. Snowbound, Miles is plunged into a world of madness and evil children.


Miles’s personal demons are unleashed. The terrors tighten their grip as he uncovers the tortures Ian and the children suffered. To have any chance at a new life, he must escape before the horrors stalking the endless labyrinth of corridors curse him to walk eternally with the evils inhabiting St. Hamelin’s.