Nightmares by Stacy Overby Paperback

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Book 3 of Black Ops series

Devin Wade is a man used to being in command of the mission. United Earth Government’s military High Command took that life from him when they forced him to walk away from everything he knew. 

Lost and alone, Devin doesn’t know what to do without Black Ops. As he searches for purpose, an ex-lover and a protégé appear. They’ve sought him out because they stumbled onto something unusual, but don’t know what to do about it. Reluctantly, Devin agrees, only to discover they’ve come across a major threat to the hard-fought peace he’s given his life to secure for all life in UEG space.

Devin has already been through so much. He reminds himself it’s no longer his fight, yet he can’t turn his back on the situation, on those he spent years serving with, despite his misgivings. Black Ops is being corroded from within, politics slowly destroying it. He knows the game, understands the stakes, but might be the only one who can stop it. Before long, circumstances take his choices off the table and will force Devin to pay a high price.

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