Mother's Love by Robert Cano Paperback

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Nuclear holocaust decimated the world sometime after 2027. The exact year and reason are unknown, for history was erased in that moment. Only echoes and remnants remain.

The first chance she gets, Kammy leaves Xavier Tech, the company that raised her and forced her to become a living weapon, for the outside where the survivors of humanity fight to eke out an existence. 

It was there Kammy discovered the horrors of life, but she also discovered a freedom which allowed her to choose. But now there is a shadow haunting Kammy, a shadow from her past, a woman who is only known as Mother. 

No one knows who Mother is, where she came from, where she is, who she works for, or what she wants. She simply leaves her discarded toys broken in mind and body as her legend grows. One thing everyone can agree on, nothing happens without her knowledge or direct involvement. 

And she wants Kammy brought to her alive.