Marry Me, Daddy by Freesia Woodley Paperback

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Dallas Rhees hates that he has to hide his true self from the world, but that's just life. No Daddy seems to want a femme Little like him. At his best friend's wedding rehearsal, Dallas reunites with the Daddy he walked away from three years ago.  Liam seems determined for them to be together again, but Dallas isn't sure he wants to risk his fragile heart. 

Liam Van Doren has not been able to get over the man who left him without a word. When he discovers Dallas is attending his nephew Joshua's wedding, his heart fills with hope for them reconciling their prior relationship. This proves difficult as Dallas shuns him at every turn.

When Dallas finds himself on the verge of homelessness, Liam swoops in to save the day, offering his guest room. Dallas knows that living with Liam will only lead to more  heartbreak, but he sees no other choice. Can this wounded Little trust his Daddy to heal the hurts of his past, or is the pair doomed from the start?

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