Mandy: Wild Weekend Getaway by Rebekah Jonesy Paperback

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The Mandy Trilogy in one book

Recently out of an abusive relationship, Mandy is feeling the need to get wild and frisky, something that her controlling ex never allowed. Going on a weekend trip with old friends is just what she needs to get back to her old self. And maybe, just maybe, one of her old friends would be willing to help her ease some of the tension that's been building up since she became single.
When Kurt agrees to go camping with Mandy and her friends, he never thought it would be such a struggle for him. The lively young woman that is his best friend's little sister is starting to tempt him in ways he didn't think possible. And when he learns about her plans to get more experience he wants to jump at the chance to teach her all the ways a woman can enjoy a man. But first he has to let go of his own loss, and harness his frustrations, before he can allow himself to be the kind of man a woman can be with.
*Not for the faint of heart