Love In Bloom by Freesia Woodley paperback

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Montana Girard is getting by, day to day, since the death of his husband two years ago. Although he's raising their three daughters alone and keeping busy with his florist shop it’s not enough to fill the empty space in his heart. Then he meets Rohan Pittman, an attractive venue owner, and his life is thrown off-kilter. Suddenly, feelings he thought he'd never experience again are stirring to life. But Montana's had his one true love and is in no mood to try for second-best.

Rohan Pittman is enamored by everything about the big, green-eyed man who showed up delivering flowers. Each facet he discovers, from Montana's passion for his work to the three girls he's raising, fit Rohan and the life he's dreaming of down to the letter.

But Montana's still grieving his husband, and Rohan's not sure he can compete with a memory. When tragedy strikes and Montana needs help, Rohan's all too eager to step in and save the day. Gratitude isn't love, though. It'll take risk, effort, and pain for Montana to move beyond the specter of his lost love, and everything Rohan can do to encourage him may not be enough.

A sweet, grumpy/sunshine, care-taking with a HEA story.