Life After Life by Daniel Kelley Paperback

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The zombies are back, and the only man with the answers to stopping them is dead.

The year 2030 was supposed to mark the return to normal life. Schools were re-opening. Technology was coming back. Everyone thought it was possible to dream of a safe future. Instead, the Anti-Techs made it all crash down again. Now, a small group of survivors are the only ones who hold the key to human victory over the zombies. Of course, they’re young and have never lived in this world before. And they have to travel across New England to do it. And fight zombies.

Celia Ehrens lost her father when the zombies returned. She might have lost her dreams for the future too. But she refuses to lose the world to this new threat. So she has to learn, and learn fast, if she wants to stop the zombies and save the future.