King's Silver by Lyssa Medana Paperback

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Silvers. They seemed to come from nowhere. Suddenly young women were showing streaks of silver on their skin and in their hair – and with that silver came power.

 Annis had heard the stories, of course, but as a peasant on an out of the way farm in Aretan, she had thought that they were nothing more than that, just stories. She was far too busy to bother with such nonsense. Until one day the silver started streaking her skin.

 Her meeting with Prince Sigmund and their intense bond started a chain of events that no-one could have foreseen. Annis found herself tossed in the dangerous political currents of the court with the safety of the kingdom at stake.

 What could a peasant girl bring to this suddenly unstable world? Annis could bring her no-nonsense practical sense and the power to bring down mountains. But would it be enough?


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