Hollow by Jason LaVelle and Rebekah Jonesy Paperback

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Keep quiet, keep calm, and most of all, be a good girl.

For as long as Anna can remember, she has seen between the folds of this world and the next, but only her dog believed her. Not only does the past haunt her dreams, but ghosts seem to be drawn to her. 

All Anna wants is to live a normal life without being afraid.

When she meets two people who accept her as their friend, her stigma as an outcast doesn’t feel as devastating. And when her new friends are touching her, they too experience her strange gift so she knows she isn’t crazy. Anna warns her friends, if they pay attention to the ghosts, it only makes them stronger. Even the good ones can cause trouble.

 Not all of the ghosts are good. Something unholy has followed Anna all her life, feeding on emotions, gaining strength through fear and anger.

And now The Bad Thing is tired of being ignored. 

Hollow was inspired by actual events.