Dangerous Angle by Rebekah Jonesy eBook

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Raising his little sister after the death of their parents while trying to evade a stalker that started following them right afterward has made Connor a suspicious man who puts the safety of his sister above everything else. After ten years of being stalked he comes face to face with a strange woman in his home and he thinks she just might be the one. She says she has good reasons to be there, but he's not buying it, no matter how reasonable she sounds, or how sweetly she responds to his touches.

Tabitha thought she was ready for anything: she prided herself on being a prepared and organized journalist. When a story she was working on led her to show up unannounced at Connor’s house, she wasn’t ready for the angry, paranoid, and suspicious man who faced her. Interviewing him made her want to get to know him better— off the record. The passion she felt for him broke her main rule: never mix business and pleasure, it will only get you hurt.

It’s not paranoia if someone really is out to get you.