Three Furies Press is now open for submissions for 2023-2024 dates.



Monsters, bogeymen, corruption, depravity, crime, death. Darkness is pervasive and predatory, a cloak that hides multitudes of sin. Embrace the darkness and let your story shine like a star.

We are currently seeking submissions for novel-length works in dark fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, dark sci fi, gaslamp, steampunk, paranormal/supernatural, erotica and crime fiction genres. 

 There is a limit to our darkness, however. Violence and gore must add to the storyline and not gratuitously added for shock value. We do not accept submissions featuring rape or child abuse.

We do not accept children's, middle grades, YA, poetry, or non-fiction submissions.

 Our publication schedule is open for 2023-24 dates.

Three Furies Press specializes in helping new authors find their writing voice and over 75% of our accepted authors go on to publish more books with us. We provide editing, book covers, formatting for both paperback and ebook, as well as social media graphics. 

To submit, email with the subject line as SUBMISSION -AUTHOR NAME. This email serves as your query letter. Submissions which do not follow the following guidelines will be rejected.  

  • Email the first ten pages as an attachment in Word.
  • In the query letter, you should include any applicable content warnings as your subject matter requires.
  • List your genre, sub genre, word count, and if your work is a stand-alone or if you intend it to be part of a series.
  • Indicate whether this is a new work or one that has been previously published.
  • For the manuscript, use Times New Roman, Georgia, or Garamond font in size 12. Use one inch margins on your page.
  • Note any trigger warnings needed. (Yes, we say this twice because of the importance.)
We look forward to reading your stories!