Three Furies Press is closed for submissions. Check back in Spring 2020.

We are open to most fiction stories, but shy away from children’s picture books and Christian fiction. We are not accepting poetry. We do accept YA, however, and different mythological-based works.


To submit, please email with the subject line as SUBMISSION AUTHOR NAME. Please address to Rebekah Jonesy, and please follow the following guidelines.


Email a query letter and the first ten pages as attachments. In the query letter, you should include any applicable content warnings as your subject matter requires. Also give genre, sub genre, word count, and if your work is a standalone or if you intend it to be part of a series. For the manuscript, use either Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman font in size 12. Use one inch margins on your page and number the pages. Also, indicate whether this is a new work or one that has been previously published.

The deadline for 2019 publication is August 15th. Submissions received afterwards will be considered for our 2020 publication schedule.


We look forward to reading your stories!


The Three Furies Press Board