Our Team

Isa McLaren, CEO

Isa McLaren is leading this ship as both CEO and Head Marketing Director. Very talented in both aspects, with years of experience in project management and human resources, her job is guiding the team and supporting our authors.

Rebekah Jonesy, COO

Rebekah has been publishing since 2012, and has worked in the publishing industry as both a developmental editor and COO. She now works with authors of multiple genres to help them craft their stories into the best versions they can be made into.

Julia Allen, President and Head Editor

Julia brings with her years of experience editing and telling her own tales to the Head Editor position. She is both a developmental editor as well as a line editor and brings her previous experience in the publishing industry to the position of President, where she will be wearing several hats. 

Glo Hunt, Graphic Designer

Glo is one of our fabulous graphic designers and artists and brings creative flair and technical expertise to our team. She designs both graphics and covers for us, bringing her artistic eye and skills to our projects.

Stacy Overby, Graphic Designer

Stacy has a passion and great eye for graphic design and brings years of experience to the projects she creates. She has a fondness for fonts and is our typography Queen.


Emily Fisher, Editor

Emily's love of stories, both writing and reading them, and her clever mind make her an ideal editor on our team. Both creative and great at conceptual thinking, she is a perfect edition for both developmental and line edits.