Angelborn by JK Allen
Angelborn by JK Allen

Angelborn by JK Allen

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High school is all about boy meets girl, girl gets demon mark, and girl finds out she’s half-angel. At least for Ginny Gracehurst.

Sixteen year olds have a lot going on in their lives, and Ginny is no exception. Grades, homework, pimples, and the sudden appearance of a demon mark. And discovering her father, who she thought was dead, is actually the angel Grace. Who is very much alive.

With unknown powers growing, she has to quickly figure out who she really is while also staying out of the reach of a powerful half demon who is hell-bent on twisting her to his will. The Alliance, an organization that is supposed to fight against demons, is threatened by her potential. They are more invested in their own hierarchy than upholding their divine mandate. It’s up to her and a new friend, Aiden, to protect not just herself, but the ones she loves.