TFP interviews author L. Bachman

Author Interview, L. Bachman -

TFP interviews author L. Bachman

We're excited to share this interview with L. Bachman. Her next book, Harvest, is set for release Nov. 24th - just in time for holiday giving! Grab it here:

TFP: Today I get to talk to one of our newer authors, though she isn’t a newbie by any stretch. L. Bachman is one of our urban fantasy authors and she has got one hell of a story to tell about her series. And the nice twisty twists she puts into it. L why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself and tell us about your books.

Bachman: Hello, my name is Lynn Lesher, I’ve become known under my pen name L. Bachman for writing horror, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy just to name a few genres I’ve touched upon. I’ve been in the business for half a decade now in various aspects. From graphic design and formatting to interviewer, blogger, and published award-winning author. I’ve won awards for my horror short story, Human Ouija, and been nominated for the prestigious Gemmell-Ravenheart award for my graphic design. Beyond the professional career, I’m a work-from-home mother and wife, coffee drinker, teapot collector, and hobby artist that enjoys a good book, rainy days, and all that other stuff that an introvert would thrive with.

TFP: Ok so tell us all about your series. It’s got some really interesting characters in it. 

Bachman: The series,The Blasphemer Series is an urban fantasy horror series that begins with the story of the fallen angel Maxwell in Maxwell Demon and continues on into the book Harvest. Maxwell Demon introduces readers into the world behind the world. The truth of the world as humans know it isn’t all that it seems on the surface. It gives a fresh take on Biblical stories and explains why vampires, witches, and werewolves are in the world. Maxwell’s personal story is the main focus. He was once part of a grouping of angels called The Watchers, those who kept a close eye on the first man and woman, Adam and Lillith, for God. The story unfolds and explains why Lilith has been reincarnated and that this is her last chance.

Harvest by L. Bachman book cover. Text reads: Three seers. None of them could have seen this coming

Harvest picks up a year after the first book, Maxwell Demon, ends and introduces the reader to an in-depth look of The Alexandrians, a group with ties as far back as the Library of Alexandria in Alexandra, Egypt before it burned. You see more into the world of the witches and are introduced to The Seers, descendants of witches. Throughout history they have been known as many things, like oracles, seeing the past, present, and future. Their gifts aid in the rescue of a world only momentarily known from Maxwell Demon, and gives a peek at its and it's people’s history.

The book that comes after Harvest, Ghosts, is best described as organized chaos. The human world is changing, creatures are outed to a world only believing them myth and lends, and a world will finally die. The books that follow Ghosts are still being written still, Descend and Ascend. They will round out the entire series and conclude a series that has been a labor of love that began with mere character development in my youth.


This series is the only one I’ve been working on, but alongside the novels and novellas I’ve written and published short stories. Most of these short stories are being gathered together, along with previously unpublished short stories, in an ensemble that will be published called Little Lunacies. This is a multi-genre collection that will have some familiar titles, my award-winning and best selling horror short story Human Ouija being among them. Those familiar with my work that had been included in the anthology series Crossroads in the Dark will find my work re-published in this collection. 


TFP: That’s awesome. Do you have any other plans in the works?

Bachman: On my website, I’ve been blogging book reviews as part of a year long challenge to myself. Those will definitely be happening. There are memoirs I’ve been working on for some time, as well, and those have proved to be a struggle for me to get through.

I’ve got notebooks and a bullet journal full of ideas and inspirations. Last year, I won Nanowrimo for a story called The Vampire Saint. I’ve tinkered a bit with it since then, but unsure if I’ll publish it. A lot of things are being done, tinkered with, or casually typed, but I don’t know what I’ll be doing with them. 

I have dubbed this year a year of self-care. I’ll be working on myself as a person alongside all my writing, hobbies, and objectives this year.

TFP: We'll go along with this being the year for self-care. 

So where can people find you to follow along?

Bachman: I highly recommend checking out my website, It’s been set-up to be an absolute hub for all of my social media accounts, a one stop Bachman shop. For more direct links, here is a list.


Facebook Fanclub group




Grab your copy of Harvest today! 

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