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Want to get to know Bree and the world from the Half Blood Alliance before it comes out this September? Well, grab your FREE copy of Dreamwalker by JK Allen, to get to know Bree and Bill. Here's the blurb.   Bree is half, half-Korean and half-angel. And she’s a dreamwalker, which means her nights are sometimes spent exploring the dream realm. When she is drawn to a particular dream, she meets Bill, a normal human who can lucid dream. But he’s lost control of his dream and there are demonkind after him. Retrieving a magical amulet is the mission,...

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Hello to all our readers! Ever wanted to meet an author in person and maybe grab a signed copy of their book? Well if you're in Michigan this June, here's your chance! JK Allen will be at the St. Clair Art Fair in downtown St. Clair, June 29th! Come check out some great Michigan artists and stop by Distinctive Eyewear to chat with her and grab a copy of Angelborn, Heavenfire, or both. She will be there selling and signing books from around 9 AM until the afternoon. Be sure to check out this great event!

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