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Interviewer Hello and welcome to our show, Eternal Baddies! We are excited to have a new guest on tonight. She’s a former angelborn who was turned changeling to serve the great demon Shemiazaz. Why don’t you tell us what angelborn and changelings are, Marta. Marta Well, I tell you but may kill you later if need to. Angelborn is scum born from angel’s line. Grace have descendants he use to protect weak humans. Changelings much more powerful. They drink demon blood then gain powers, strong, fast, and never grow old. If hurt, you heal. Many benefits to changeling and no...

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Another story in our series of free short stories is When Demons Call by JK Allen. She is the author of the Angelborn series and this prequel introduces the story behind why Aiden joined the Alliance as its only human. Angelborn and Heavenfire are now available at along with our other tales. So here is When Demons Call (ebook link at the end). Aiden turned the page silently in the halo of his flashlight. It was late and he’d be in big trouble if his parents knew he was still awake. But he had to know what happened next. Things were just...

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Hello to all our readers! Ever wanted to meet an author in person and maybe grab a signed copy of their book? Well if you're in Michigan this June, here's your chance! JK Allen will be at the St. Clair Art Fair in downtown St. Clair, June 29th! Come check out some great Michigan artists and stop by Distinctive Eyewear to chat with her and grab a copy of Angelborn, Heavenfire, or both. She will be there selling and signing books from around 9 AM until the afternoon. Be sure to check out this great event!

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