State of the Company 2020

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State of the Company 2020


Eleven months ago, Rebekah, Julia and I banded together to accomplish our goal of producing high-quality books, while supporting our authors with editing, marketing, and publishing services. We started with just the three of us, and a handful of books. 

Since then, our author stable has grown to nineteen authors, with 27 titles published in 2019. We have 23 books slated for 2020. Our team has expanded to seven amazing people. We have all learned so much, including catching a glimpse of how much there is to know. 


Book sales were slow in Second Quarter, but we expected that. We saw a huge increase in sales Third Quarter, and that trend continued through the end of the year. Merchandise also saw a major increase over time, and our store more than pays for itself. We have six affiliates who sell merchandise through our store, and product reviews have been great. 


As expected, we ended 2019 with a loss on the books, but money in the bank. We expect 2020 to surpass all the benchmarks from the previous year. I must confess, my favorite part of my job as CEO is to mail out checks to our team and affiliates. To know that those checks will only get bigger makes my heart sing. 


Our goals for 2020 include diversifying our portfolio of authors. To that end, we are planning to solicit submissions from marginalized voices. We also plan on continuing to expand our social media footprint to get a wider reach from our marketing. 


We have asked a lot from our team, and they’ve not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. We recognize that this is a long process, in a plodding industry. The gears of the printing press grind slowly. We hope you agree that the results are worth the work. 

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