September Announcements

August was steamy with Safety Ropes and Safe and Secured releasing. This month we are excited to bring you three new stories, Blood and Pitch, Dangerous Angle, and Ren the Red Falcon.

Blood and Pitch is the third book in the Mab’s Doll series which follows the missions of Gillian, a new type of fae sent to hunt down the rogues in the Americas. She’s finished her first two missions and they ended very different ways. Now she’s on a mission to find the Jersey Devil. She can’t be sure it’s a fae, but there are too many stories to ignore. Check out the blurb and grab your copy on the 5th!

Gillian has heard about the Jersey Devil since she came to America. The stories about it have spanned over a hundred years with each one over that time having a similar description. The area of those sightings is well defined, but covers acres of forests and two well-travelled roads. That leads her to believe this might in fact be one of the lost fae she was sent by the Queens of Fae to find and return. The problem is, while the stories of the sightings are far reaching and consistent, no one has ever been able to track it. But no one else has had a member of the Wild Hunt, the greatest tracers in the world, to help them. If anyone can track this devil down, it’s Pitch, the strangest kelpie the Shadow Court has ever seen.

They don’t know what it is, what it can do, or whether it is really one of the fae they are searching for. All they know is they don’t dare leave it behind, not in such a dangerous area surrounded by untrustworthy humans. 

Next up is Dangerous Angle, a romantic suspense by Rebekah Jonesy. It started off innocent enough, it was just supposed to be an interview, but with an injured young girl, an overprotective but alluring brother, and a hidden stalker, things get interesting. Here’s the blurb.

Raising his little sister after the death of their parents while trying to evade a stalker that started following them right afterward has made Connor a suspicious man who puts the safety of his sister above everything else. After ten years of being stalked he comes face to face with a strange woman in his home and he thinks she just might be the one. She says she has good reasons to be there, but he's not buying it, no matter how reasonable she sounds, or how sweetly she responds to his touches.

Tabitha thought she was ready for anything: she prided herself on being a prepared and organized journalist. When a story she was working on led her to show up unannounced at Connor’s house, she wasn’t ready for the angry, paranoid, and suspicious man who faced her. Interviewing him made her want to get to know him better— off the record. The passion she felt for him broke her main rule: never mix business and pleasure, it will only get you hurt.

It’s not paranoia if someone really is out to get you.

Last but not least we have an exciting short fantasy story by Joshua Robertson called Ren the Red Falcon that comes out on the 19th. Ren has been a slave since childhood, but now has the chance to make a decision; go on the run or bend the knee to a new master. Which will she choose? Read the blurb now.

Her talons cut deeper than steel.

Taken by Aggath slavers as a child, Ren’s youthful rage was tempered by the crack of a whip. Season after season, she endured the wrath of those who slaughtered her kin and stole her life. Years later, when her captors are unexpectedly defeated by a company of savage barbarians, Ren briefly tastes freedom before being ensnared once more to be gifted to another tribe as a token of peace. Now, with thralldom threatening her future once more, she must learn to rekindle her inner fire or forever suffer a life of servitude.

Check out these exciting stories and let us know what back to school goals you have!

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