October Announcements

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October Announcements

In September we saw the release of Blood and Pitch, Dangerous Angle, and Ren the Red Falcon. This month brings us Truth Revealed, Demonkind, Plans Revealed, and Unsuitable. 

Truth Revealed is the beginning of a new romance series from Rebekah Jonesy. Brandy has been keeping a big secret and is about to reveal it to her friends. But more is revealed than just hers. When her favorite server takes their flirting game even farther, she learns his feelings. But is she ready for it? Here’s the blurb.

Brandy has been working so hard for so long and sacrificed so much, but it has finally paid off. All those nights of studying and working while ignoring her love life are over. She can finally let her hair down and enjoy herself.

Adam has waited patiently hoping she would take him seriously and not just as a casual flirt. Now that she has gotten her big break, he's not waiting any longer. He's determined that tonight is the night, and he will do anything to make her see the truth about how he has always felt about her.

The truth has a way of changing everything.

This comes out on the 3rd!

Then we have Demonkind by JK Allen, the final book in the Angelborn series. This YA urban fantasy series follows Ginny, a half angel, as she learns what being angelborn means. She thinks Jacob’s been dealt with, but he has plans of his own. Here’s the blurb.

Just because you slay a powerful half-demon, doesn’t mean you are free of him. 

After a long struggle, Ginny and the Alliance are finally free of the threat of Jacob and his changeling minions. His influence still lingers, though. In whispers and rumors throughout the Alliance and those members who have split from them in their time of need. And in his most devout servant, Marta, who will stop at nothing to bring Jacob back. They know how to travel between Earth and Perdition. And they know just how to stop the angelborn. By removing the angel himself.

Full out war has been declared, and everyone must choose a side in this final showdown.

Get your copy on the 10th!

Next we have Plans Revealed, the second book in the Brandy series after Truth Revealed by Rebekah Jonesy. After a passionate night, can Brandy keep things going with Adam. Especially when problems crop up again and again at the restaurant. Check out the blurb.


Brandy's eyes are opened, and she finally understands Adam is serious about wanting to be with her. And not just for a night here and there. With work, her doubts about relationships, and the family business, it's not going to be easy.  She has never really tried to make a relationship work, letting them fade away after the initial burn. But now Brandy is trying to plan for the future, and Adam is determined to convince her they have something that will last.

Grab your copy on the 17th!

And last but not least we have Unsuitable, also by Rebekah Jonesy. This is the start of the Stuart series, a millionaire BDSM romance done right. Stuart has a secret kink. One he doesn’t think a good woman will understand. And Leslie is a good woman. But she has her own desires. Here’s the blurb.

Leslie needs certain things in life, acceptance, love and respect. The things she yearns for she keeps locked away and hidden. Fictional fiery passion doesn't belong in her world.

Stuart Altmann's tailored suits hid a complex man with hidden assets and twisted desires. He'd given up on finding love. His kinks were too extreme for most. But when Leslie asked him for a taste, he couldn't deny her.

Out on the 24th! 

Also! Rebekah Jonesy herself and in person will be doing a book signing in North Carolina. Stay tuned for more details on that soon!

Snag your copies of these awesome books today and tell us what your favorite Halloween read is!

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