May Announcements

May Announcements

Last month we had some exciting releases in The Dark Archer and Halloween Fantasies. This month we bring you two more gems, Iron and Madness and Maxwell Demon. These two amazing urban fantasies will enthrall you in completely different worlds. Here's a bit about them.



Iron and Madness is the next installment of the Mab’s Doll series by Rebekah Jonesy. This time she meets a new old companion, and a monster who is human. They must stop him before he kills any more innocent children, but the mysteries keep unraveling, ending with a surprise visit and an even bigger mystery. Here’s the blurb.

Too many times Roxxy has been unable to save lives. But she has gotten very proficient in hunting down those who she deems unworthy of living. 

Gillian and Pitch have no destination in mind when they run into this new fae woman, but they come to learn that this meeting was goddess destined. Old friends and new work together to try to figure out what madness is stealing the lives of innocents in the mountains of Maryland. And old painful truths are uncovered.

Get yours on the 7th!


Maxwell Demon is fallen, but hasn’t given up on hope. If he can save the reincarnation of Lilith, then there’s hope for all of them. And he has to try, even as his fallen brothers work against him. In the end he is reunited with Lilith, but is it enough? It’s up to the human to learn her lessons. Here’s the blurb.

Maxwell, an angel who fell from Heaven for his part in the corruption of mankind walks a plane of uncertainty on Earth. He was unwilling to fully accept his damnation, so he set out on a mission to save the soul of the woman he loves, Lilith. Now, more than a millennium has passed, and this is his last chance to save her and prove that no one soul is beyond redemption. 

From the gates of Heaven to the fires of Hell, he has traveled to save her. He is bound to her by his heart, and he will face the ones he once called brothers to rescue her. He will complete this mission.

She is now known as Adele, with no remembrance of him, their love, her betrayal, and it is up to him to show her that her life is worth more than she could ever imagine. He rediscovers why he fell in love with her, and along the way, wages war against Hell’s greatest demons to remind her.

Who is destined to die? Who is destined to live? 

Who is the real enemy?

Is one soul worth the world?

Grab your copy on the 21st!

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