May Announcements

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May Announcements

So we have lots of exciting things going on for this year. We thought we’d keep sharing our line up and what we are so pumped to get to you, our readers! There’s so many good books coming, so without further ado, here’s what’s next!


We started off April with the first two books of the Angelborn series, Angelborn and Heavenfire. We also introduced Melissa’s Men, which came out on April 18th. But in May, we have A Kiss for Luck by Isa McLaren and Scath Oran: Poetry from the Otherworld by Stacy Overby, releasing!


A Kiss for Luck is an exciting but light-hearted crime story sure to keep your pages turning. Stanzi finds herself on a dream trip where she could be anyone, including the mistress of a handsome stranger who turns out to be a conman. Hijinks ensue in this charming tale. Here’s the blurb.


When Connie Munro gets a sudden inheritance, she takes her dream vacation to Italy. On a whim, she kisses a stranger on the famous Ponte Vecchio. When her toes uncurl, she finds herself in a whirlwind fling.


Jules Brand is down on his luck. A con job gone wrong leads to a murder, with him as the prime suspect. He returns to his good luck city, Florence, to turn things around.  When Connie asks him for a kiss, he knows his luck has changed.

But Luck is a capricious mistress and Hagen Geier is bent on revenge. When Brand’s past catches up to him, Connie is caught in the cross-fire. She must rely on the charming con artist to get her out of it. She wouldn’t trust him with her purse, but what about her life?


Find out what Stanzi and Jules get up to May 4th!

And here’s a bit about Scath.


The Wee Folk. The Fae. Fairies.

Whatever you may call them, they have whispered secrets in this collection of poetry plucked from the halls of Tír na nÓg. But, be forewarned, not all is as it seems on a journey through the shining realm. Come, take a step into the fairy ring as songs of the Fae drift on the damp night air.

Scath is a poetry collection that consists of both form and freeverse poetry. It deals with otherworldly and mythological subjects and transports you to another realm. Check it out when it releases!


That’s us this month. What’s on your TBR pile for May?

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