March Announcements

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March Announcements

This lucky month brings us two new releases! We the Moral Majority and Forever Mine! Let’s take a closer look at each one that’s coming out.

This month, the long awaited sequel to Amongst the Killing, We the Moral Majority by Joe Compton, is coming out on the 12th! It’s been several years since book one, but the wait is worth it when it comes to this political thriller. Here’s the blurb.

What do you do when you’re a local hero? Why, go into politics of course. 

Former LAPD homicide detective golden boy, Charles Street, has been groomed to do exactly that. And by an organization poised to make some noise. The Moral Majority, an evangelical political group, plans on springboarding into a nationally powerful position by getting him elected as Mayor of Los Angeles.

His wife, FBI Special Agent Janelle Pachenko, is assigned as the head of a secret task force investigating local corruption. She can't tell anyone about it, especially not her husband, or the group who is trying to rework her image into the genteel, smiling figure of grace the public expects in the wife of a mayoral candidate.

As they struggle to balance their two worlds, bodies start dropping. Informants scatter. Even the local gangs are running scared, and no one is willing to talk. Politics turn to danger. Danger turns into nightmares in the sequel to 2010's Amongst The Killing.

Our next book coming out this month is another by USA Today bestselling author Rozlyn Sparks, Forever Mine! Kendra has always loved Marcus and his band, ever since they started in the cafe she would read at. But instead of hooking up with him, she was tricked into becoming a vampire. When fate brings Marcus back into her life, can she protect him from her jealous master? Here’s the blurb.

When blood is food, a jealous master controls your every move, and death comes to anyone you get close to; love is not a luxury you can afford. 

Kendra Michaels has tried to follow the rules of her newfound immortal life, but can’t give up on her favorite band, Normal Paradox. She’s followed their success since they were just a small-town band playing coffee shops and local bars. She’s their number one fan and loves everything about them: their music, their lyrics, and especially their lead singer, Marcus Redmond. 

He’s the perfect package, with a voice that sizzles and hot body to match. Marcus is the object of all of Kendra’s wildest fantasies, but deep down she knows she can never be Mrs. Rockstar. 

For years, she’s kept watch on the band, always careful to keep her distance. Then one night she makes a tragic mistake that puts her directly in Marcus’s path. 

Their encounter leaves the rockstar’s life and the band’s future hanging in the balance and only Kendra can make things right again.

Snag it on the 26th!

Be sure to check out these two great books this month and tell us what you’re reading for luck.

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