June Announcements

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June Announcements

Welcome to TFP for the month of June! Last month we released Iron and Madness and Maxwell Demon, this month we have two new books to herald into the world!

Our first release for June is Inviting the Moon to Supper, an enchanting tale about a magical world where time stops and you can find lost things. Sam and her dog, DeeOGee, are trying to find her adopted grandfather when she stumbles across a magic book. She sets out to find lost things in this mythical world and must use magic she didn’t know she had in her. But danger lurks everywhere for her and her friends. Can she find them and make it out in time?

Here’s the blurb.

Somewhere between blurred boundaries of real and imagined worlds, a newly orphaned girl loses her beloved dog while searching for her magician grandfather. But her search extends too far into a land where time is frozen and she is forced to navigate a ruthless haunt of Norse mythological outcasts. Unless she accepts help from a misanthropic mask maker and Crazy Dog Man-the town misfit, she too is in danger of vanishing.

Grab your copy on the 11th!

In these deadly times, TFP has the perfect pandemic read coming out for you, our dear readers. Pathosis is more than just a virus, it’s more than fearing spiders, it’s the read of the decade. And it’s our second release for the month.

Here’s the blurb.

A sloppy extermination. Evidence mismanaged. And all of America is at risk.

Coast Guard Lt Emily Brisbane is in charge of a strange ship at her dock. Everyone on board has been ripped apart. Even more disturbing, some of the bodies show teeth marks. Human teeth marks.

Before she can conduct a full investigation, she needs to clear the ship of aggressive spiders attacking her investigators.

Jack Wolfgang has seen a lot of strange things in his pest control job, but nothing like this ship. Picking through the bloody decks is bad, but spiders who hunt men is just too much. The government lady isn’t paying him to risk his life, so he does the bare minimum before heading home.

Snag your new favorite horror read on the 25th!

But that’s not the only news for this month! We now have gift cards and Limited Edition merchandise available for your favorite TFP fans! Check out the LE merch which has more of our quirky sense of humor, but won’t last forever at https://threefuriespress.com/collections/limited-editions and snag a new favorite today!

Thanks for coming out! 

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