Heavenfire Blog Tour!

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Heavenfire Blog Tour!

So we have some exciting blog tours happening. The first one is for Heavenfire, which released April 25th. Let’s take a look at these stops.


First we had Phoebe Darqueling hosting a character spotlight. Ginny had the job of introducing Ari from the Alliance on the 20th. Here’s the link!


Then This is Not the Hitchhiker's Guide had a character interview of Jackson on the 25th at


Isa McLaren's blog interviewed JK Allen all about celebrating and more at

https://authorisamclaren.com/2019/04/29/spirits-and-angels-and-demons/  on the 29th.

And finally, Go Indie Now will feature a guest post by JK Allen at

goindienow.com  on May 6th!

So be sure to check out these stops on the tour and learn more about Heavenfire and the Angelborn series today!

Keep your eye on our blog for more about our exciting tours and learn more about our upcoming books!

And we have a special event for Heavenfire going on at the Burtchville Township Library in Lakeport, Michigan on May 25th! JK Allen will be there doing a talk on what you need to know about publishing and her personal tips. Check it out at

Burtchville Township Library

7093 2nd St.

Lakeport, MI 48059

1 to 3 PM

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