December Announcements

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December Announcements

This month we see the release of Undeniable, Stuart, and Two Faced Wife by Rebekah Jonesy.

Undeniable is the final installation of the Stuart series. Stuart has a lot to offer. A lavish lifestyle provided by his smarts, and he’s a nice guy to boot. But he has a kink. And he isn’t sure it’s a kink he can ask another woman to accept. Leslie is a sweet single mom with an ex to deal with. Can either of them make this work? Here’s the blurb.

Stuart has realized he needs certain things in life; acceptance, love and respect. The things he yearns for and kept locked away and hidden. Fictional fiery passion isn't accepted in his world. But hiding the truth is even more unacceptable. 

Leslie’s simple lifestyle hid a complex woman with hidden and twisted desires. She'd given up on finding that type of love, telling herself it was unsuitable for a modern woman.

But when Stuart asked her to accept all of him, she couldn't deny him.

Contains explicit scenes

Find out if they can make it on the 5th!

Then we have Stuart, the series all about Stuart and Leslie and runs from Unsuitable to Unacceptable to Undeniable all rolled in one. Leslie finds out the truth behind the mystery of Stuart, a young professional who turns out to be a millionaire with a kink. And Leslie is a sweet southern single mom. Can they really make this passion into a relationship? Check out this millionaire BDSM done right. Here’s the blurb.

In her southern hometown, Leslie knows where she stands. A divorced mother with a preteen daughter should be able to expect certain things in life. She provides a good home for her child, she’s loyal to her friends, and she hopes to find a love that won’t fizzle out with age. Enter Stuart Altmann, a friend-of-a-friend who appears to be suitable: a down-to-earth businessman with a heart of gold and a sweet smile. He seems to fit right in with her expectations. 

But Stuart doesn’t want to just fit in: he wants to inflame her and push her to her limits. He wants her to explore a side of her sexuality she had always thought was inappropriate for a woman of her standing. His hidden passions force her to rethink her ideas of what is appropriate. Not all businessmen are stoic, not all pain is bad, and all the money in the world can't buy you happiness if you don't understand who you really are.

Get your copy on the 12th!

Next up we have Two Faced Wife,  a standalone by Rebekah Jonsey. Tim has noticed his wife has been. Then she sends him on a honey do list that takes him all over town. What will he find at the end of the trail. Check out the blurb.


Tim's wife Laura has been sneaking around. He doesn't want to believe that she could be cheating on him. But when she sends him a to do list that sends him all over town, he fears the worst. The list seems to be designed to lead him to a very specific place where a very hot blonde is waiting for him. He's not sure if its a trap or a coincidence when she propositions him. But he does know that something about this woman will make him test the limits of his marriage vows. And hopefully will show him the face his wife has been hiding.

Grab your copy on the 19th!

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