Author Interview with Rozlyn Sparks

Continuing on with our author interview series we have the sweet yet steamy Rozlyn Sparks! She has a book coming out this month, so it's the perfect time to sit down for a chat. Without further ado, here she is!

Three Furies Press: Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our spicy authors. Rozalyn Sparks is a paranormal romance author. If you like it hot with a slow burn, then you definitely want to read her work. Rozalyn why don’t you go ahead and tell us about yourself and your work.


Rozlyn Sparks: I’m a caffeine addicted insomniac who occasionally strings a few choice words together. Okay, okay…. Enough with trying to be funny. Rozlyn is my alter ego. I created her to branch out from the normal “me” both as an author and as a persona. Don’t you just love the chance to be something you’re not? Rozlyn is my free spirit. She gets to explore the naughty side of life. And her stories represent that. 


Three Furies Press: Exploring that hidden side of us is what makes romance so fun and titillating, I say. Everyone should give it whirl every now and then. I see that most of your books focus on vampire lovers. Is that because that is what you prefer, or what you prefer to write?


Rozlyn Sparks:  I’ve had a love affair with vampires since I was old enough to read about them. I absolutely adore the dark handsome stranger, and the danger they bring. In fiction, they are the “safe” danger so you can really sink your teeth into exploring all the naughty things they can do. 


Three Furies Press: And let’s face it, having a lover that has hundreds of years of experience, heightened senses, and is immune to many of the human downsides is also pretty thrilling. That’s always something fun to explore as well. But you don’t have care-free vampires, which is something I really like about your books. Your characters, human and vampire, have full lives, experiences, and baggage just like the rest of us. It adds a depth to your characters and stories that I really appreciate. I would say that’s your experience as a fantasy author coming through into this side of the story, what about you?


Rozlyn Sparks:  A story without drama is boring. A reader needs to feel connected to a character to care about them. So without elements of reality, those characters are not going to engage readers. So, yes, there is a bit of the regular author in there, to make sure that the characters fulfill their story quota of relatable drama. Then I can take that and run with it. When I first fell in love with vampires, it was because of Anne Rice. She was the first author I had read who humanized the beast. She gave her vampires full lives and explored them as real creatures rather than caricatures. That’s how I have always modeled my creations. They have to feel real, so that when I throw the drama at them, readers will care.  


Three Furies Press: And, in my opinion, you do that very well. I managed to connect with each of your characters, even the annoying and snotty twin brother from Halloween Fantasies. And another show of your writing chops, your stories don’t follow the same routine once they do hit the bed either. That’s something I normally find, and dislike, in romance and erotica. But you make their lovemaking as individual and realistic as the characters. Which makes each book stand out from the others. Do you have that in mind before you start writing, or do you characters tell you how they like it as you write?


Rozlyn Sparks:  I’m a very much a “go with the flow” writer. I don’t plan out their lovemaking ahead of time. Sometimes an idea comes to me, and sometimes it is pure fantasy, things from my “wish list.” Let’s hope I never fall into the boring trap of writing a predictable sex scene. 


Three Furies Press:  Do you have any more books planned?


Rozlyn Sparks:  Of course. There is always another book coming down the line. I just haven’t got details to share yet. I do always invite readers to offer suggestions on things they would like to see, and if I can make it happen, I will. 


Three Furies Press: So where can readers find you, so they can see what you have to offer, and make suggestions for new books?


Rozlyn Sparks:  Of course you can find me at But you can also find updates on all Rozlyn Sparks stories by visiting my “other” persona at 

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