Author Interview with Rebekah Jonesy

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Author Interview with Rebekah Jonesy

Today on TFP we have the lively and possibly insane Rebekah Jonesy. Rebekah, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

RJ: Sure. I’m an author of urban fantasy and romance, both of which I think of as realistic fantasy lives. We all want to feel special after all. But that’s also why I keep both of them as realistic as possible. My romance deals with real life, understandable issues. A young woman just out of a relationship that turned abusive, a man who has been made to feel like a freak for his kinks, a woman who doesn’t want to be tied down into one relationship but also doesn’t want to hurt the guy she loves, and even a couple who have fallen into the trap of “don’t rock the boat because this is good enough” that can happen to any married couple. And all of them have to learn to deal with their own issues in order to grow their relationships. 

For my urban fantasy series, Mab’s Doll, I get even more real, and grittier. There’s no sex in those books, but there is nature red in tooth and claw. It’s about Gillian, a newly formed fae, kinda like a golem or one of the mud dolls, who is sent to the Americas to find the fae that have become trapped there and send them back to the Underhill. There are fairy laws that the fae have agreed to abide by, and there is also the laws of reality that affect them even more so, like truth is truth no matter what. Which means they do not lie, and some of them, are in fact, incapable of lying. Writing a character like that is incredibly hard because no matter what she says, it has to be real no matter how much times passes.

TFP: Wait, what do you mean by that?

RJ: An easy example would be if she says something like “I would never steal your cookie” then she becomes incapable of stealing cookies from that person ever again. Even if she didn’t know the cookie she sees belongs to that person. She can’t take it.

TFP: Wow, that is complicated.

RJ: Yeah, it is. So she has to make sure she never says anything like that. And more to the point I have to make sure she never says anything like that. Which is hard to do. Because there are so many things we say all the time that are straight up lies when you think about it, even though we don’t mean to lie. I mean, how often have you said, “I’m fine,” when you really were not? Things like that I always have to be on the lookout for. Which also means I have to know what is going to happen for the entire rest of the series.

TFP: And how long is this series going to be? Do you know yet?

RJ: I have over 50 books planned out. So that is my goal. And I plan to release 2-4 a year. They’re all serials, so thankfully they are short, but they follow one right after the other as well, with each book picking up right after the last one, sometimes even the same day.

TFP: That also sounds like a lot of work. But you’re used to that. You also have another job. Would you like to tell our readers about that?

RJ: Of course. I’m not just a published author within Three Furies Press, but I am also one of the owners and the COO. Which I like to say makes me the coo one. But what that really means is that I am in charge of putting together the publishing schedule for TFP and making sure that everything needed for publication gets done on time. I also do editing and formatting for those projects. And I load up our merchandise store too. So lots of pies that I have my fingers in. Which is just how I like it, because that means I get to read all the books too.

TFP: Which I take it to mean that you are a bookworm?

RJ: I’m a book dragon. I devour books. And horde them. And tend to bite or burn people if they try to take my books.

TFP: I’m guessing that means you have quite a library at home.

RJ: Well, kind of. Most of my books are digital, and on several devices. My husband was active duty military, so we moved around a lot. And my books were taking such a beating I could not bear it any more. Packing, unpacking, hauling those heavy boxes, seeing new broken spines and bent covers each time. I just couldn’t keep doing it. I started donating books to libraries. And before ebooks were a thing you could buy in stores, certainly before you could buy them from authors, I started scanning books and converting them to word documents. Carrying around flash drives was just so much easier. Most of my old favorites were completely destroyed by then anyway. Just loose pages in a cover that was wrapped around them. Too beat up for even a library to take.

TFP: A book dragon? Does that mean you read more than just TFP books? Who are some of your favorite authors?

RJ: Oh so many of them. Anne McAffery of course. RA Salvatore. Caroline Clooney. A.F. Stewart. Robert Cano. Joshua Robertson. Orson Scott Card. Barbara Hambley. Lilian Oake. Diane Duane. Alan Dean Foster. JD Estrada. There’s so many more too.

TFP: Ok yeah, so quite the hoard of books and authors. Do you do anything that isn’t book related? Who are you outside of the book world?

RJ: Outside of books I am probably just as eclectic. I bake and cook. I garden. I’m what I would call a homebody. I do yoga, home repairs or improvements. I just finished putting in new floorings in my house and am starting a remodel on my kitchen. I helped fix my nephew’s car, which was actually less impressive than it might sound since it was a simple fix with the cooling system. I’m an aunt and a godmother to gobs of kiddos, who I try to make sure I am a bad influence on.

TFP: Not something most people brag about.

RJ: Well, society is too focused, especially recently, on getting people to follow rules and expectations, and do everything by the book as it were. I am more interested in making sure my kiddos know how to question and think for themselves. I think that while it is important to understand social morals, it is more important to understand why they exist, and when to disregard them. Being a good person is more than just following the rules after all.

Which is why I like to pull my kiddos into my hijinks and projects whenever I am able to. Especially if I don’t really know what I am doing. So they also know it’s perfectly fine to fail at something. And then laugh at it. Life is weird and sometimes harsh, so we should take every opportunity to laugh and have fun with it. And of course gather more experiences for stories. Written or otherwise.

TFP: Well that does sound like a good life lesson, or author lesson. So where can our readers find you?

RJ: Well of course you can find my books here at TFP or anywhere else books are sold, but I recommend here. And you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or join my Mab’s Doll reader’s group, or my blog. I’m all over the place.

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