August Announcements

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August Announcements

It’s that time, for new release announcements! It’s now August, so summer is dwindling and fall is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to refresh your tbr list. Let’s look at what’s coming out of TFP for this month.

Our first release for August is the exciting Augur of Shadows by Jacob Rundle. Henri just moved to New York with his mom after losing his dad, but strange things are happening and he’s dealing with a secret he isn’t sure his mom will accept. Teenage life is hard enough, and then he finds out he’s the Augur and has a big decision to make; save the world by sparking its end or let it all fall into nothingness. Here’s the blurb.

Destiny. Adventure. Prophecy.

Grief-stricken, seventeen-year-old Henri moves to New York City after he loses his father. Vivid dreams and visions lead him to meet a wise young man, Simeon, someone who means more to him than he wants to admit. He also reconnects with an old friend, Etlina.

The three of them venture on a journey to fulfill their intertwined destinies in order to bring forth a cataclysmic event that's meant to hold back the Primordial Evil.

With guidance from supernatural beings, Henri and his friends will do what is needed to save the world from the Old Ones.

Grab your copy on the 13th!

Our next new release for the month is Road to Jericho by Mark Reefe. Which tells the tale of a man tricked into a deal with a demon, who follows him throughout his life. Here’s the blurb to find out more!

No good deed goes unpunished.

Finn McCallan is a genuinely good man. The type of man who steps in and helps when he sees a dying woman. But his good deed draws the ire, and interest, of the devil whose plan he thwarted. Wearing the mask of a human named Leonard, the devil tricks Finn into a deal, which leaves him marked. 

The brand in the center of his right palm isn’t the worst of it. His eyes can see the true face of everyone he encounters - frightening him more than anything in life had prior. 

Now no matter how far he runs, how determined he is to lay low, calamity seeks him out. 

Torturing him, testing him, provoking him. Destroying everything good in his life. He will not be allowed to live a peaceful life until the bargain is fulfilled. To what end?  And for what purpose? 

Only the devil knows, and he’s not telling. 

Snag your copy of the book on the 27th!

Grab these great books from Three Furies Press and let us know what else you’ve got on your tbr list this fall!

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