August Announcements

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August Announcements

July started off with Keep Her Safe and Clay and Blood by Rebekah Jonesy. Mandy and Kurt’s story continues with Safety Ropes and Safe and Secure this month, so get ready for some hot nights!

Safety Ropes starts off the next morning after a passionate night and releases the 1st. Now there’s more questions than either Mandy or Kurt were prepared for. Here’s the blurb.

Mandy and Kurt finally gave in to their unspoken desires. Only to find there are more that were hiding beneath the surface. Now they have a chance to explore each other and the line between pleasure and pain, with no need to keep quiet.

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Safe and Secure sees what happens after the weekend getaway ends and releases the 22nd. Does this mean the pleasure is over? And can Kurt keep Mandy safe? Here’s a bit about Safe and Secure.

At the end of a weekend trip where they explored new ways to be together, both gentle and rough, Mandy and Kurt are faced with reality again. They know they are just babes in the woods and need to learn more before someone gets hurt. After receiving advice and insight from an unexpected source they start their trip homewards. Until they see a sign that convinces them that maybe their fun learning experience doesn't need to end so quickly. Neither of them is ready to admit what their hearts want, even as they give in to their body's needs. But even with all the precautions in place the unforeseen can still happen. And staying safe isn't as easy as it sounds.

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If you like your stories sweet, exciting, and full of passion, check out the rest of this series!

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