Announcements for July

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Announcements for July

Welcome to the steamy month of July where we have some space travel and steampunkery going on. Let’s dig in.

So before we announce our new books, we have some news. Due to Covid-19, our book publishing is behind on printing and shipping, so unfortunately there is a wait period when you purchase a book. It will not change wait times ordering from Amazon or any other carrier, so please, we ask for your patience and thank you for supporting our wonderful authors!

We also have a new edition of limited merch available. Check out the new styles of TANK tanks and more at!

Now for our new releases! Our first new release of the month is Genesis by Zach Winderl. It is a space western style tale of a man with no han, out to stay in the black while running from the ones who would kill him and his daughter. His ship carries cargo in space, and his side hustle keeps his pockets lined. When he finds the perfect crew, his side hustle ups its game until he crosses the wrong renegades. Read all about it on the 9th!

Our next exciting release for the month of July is Out of the London Mist by Lyssa Medana, a charming steampunk fantasy that shows us what exactly is hiding in the London peculiar. When men start showing up dead, thanks to a mysterious Hammerhand, John wants to avenge his brother’s death. But then he discovers who Hammerhand really is, and everything changes. Find out more by buying your copy out on the 23rd!

Thanks for checking out our announcements and be sure to grab some great books this summer!

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