Work-Life Balance

Studies on people that are isolated in submarines, space stations, remote research stations, etc., have shown there comes a tipping point where the frustration and hardship of being cooped up inside gets suddenly harder to bear.


While it's best to remember that we're not "working from home during a pandemic", but rather "at home during a crisis trying to work", some issues have arisen lately that need to be addressed. 

Office Manager Bernie needs to stop biting the CEO to ask for pats while she is actively working and using two hands to type. 

Quality Control Dortmunder should review the proper procedures for using a litter box. There have been too many incidents this week resulting in time lost due to extensive cleaning. 

Intern Parker, your natural camouflage is impressive. However, announcing your presence before being stepped on will result in fewer such instances. Also, please note that I'm not chasing you. I'm never chasing you. Calm down. 

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