Maxwell Demon releases today!

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Maxwell Demon releases today!

We are delighted to be publishing the re-release of Maxwell Demon, by author L. Bachman. To get you excited, here's an excerpt from book 1 of The Blasphemer series.

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HER HEAD FELL BACK slightly as her journey began. She was in a paradise rich with flowery smells and fine, dark dirt. “You are in the beginning,” he explained as she began walking through the tall, vibrant grass. Her hands remained on her knees, but she was touching the grass in her vision, feeling its coolness.

“It’s beautiful. Everything’s so bright. Colors aren’t like this anymore,” she muttered.

“Things have become duller over time.”

In the distance, she could see a black-haired, nude male figure leaning against a tree, his arms across his chest. She knew he was familiar, but it wasn’t Maxwell. As she stepped toward the figure, the scene swirled into a mist and she now stood in a different place. Her surroundings had fallen into chaos. The tree the male stood against was now burnt, the leaves still burning. The grass was gone, the sky orange instead of the bright blue it had been moments before. Adele turned and saw a village in chaos. Creatures made of white light, all shapes, and sizes, were slaughtering humans.

“What’s happening?” Adele whispered.

“Sins of the Watchers and children of man. One of many cleansings of Earth,” Maxwell tried explaining, but he watched as her face distorted. He knew she was becoming affected by what she was seeing. “You’re okay.”

She began running toward the village as a creature raised a hammer to strike a woman holding a baby in her arms. “No! Stop!” Her words fell on deaf ears and she saw the hammer hit the woman, who fell on top of the baby. The creature then flew off quickly toward someone else. Adele looked at the two dead at her feet, the blood beginning to pool. “Monster!” she screamed, unaware that the creature was an angel in its purest form, naïve to the need of armor at that point in time.

Maxwell’s eyes closed, and he focused deeper, sending her forward. Again, the scene swirled into a mist and she stood at the edge of a village. The plants grew up and the once tan dirt was green. People had progressed and moved on, the scene Adele had just seen all but forgotten. Feeling jerked upward suddenly, white light surrounded her. She screamed in fear, the blinding light forcing her hand upward, shading her eyes. She saw the creatures again but, this time, they appeared as humans in armor, the tips of their wings appearing as if dipped in shiny silver metal. She heard the sounds of swords clashing and the echoing bellows of the thousands before her.

“The Clash of Angels,” Maxwell explained. “As man moved on, the war in Heaven was raging and angels had not yet fallen.” For a moment, he smiled. Not at the fact he was showing her a brutal and graphic war, but at seeing Heaven again. His home.


Now that you're hooked, get your copy here!

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