Author Interview with Joe Compton

Author Interview, Joe Compton, We the Moral Majority -

Author Interview with Joe Compton

We are here with another great interview from the esteemed Joe Compton! One of our dear authors, but also a dear friend with Go Indie Now. Check him out!

TFP: Now I bring to you, the man, the myth, the legend, the Godfather of Indies, Mr. Joe Compton! Joe is a one man Indie machine as well as being a thriller author. I read his first book a while back and immediately had to start yelling at him for making me cry. His writing is so immersive and in depth that the catharsis grabs hold of you from the get go and drags you along with his characters as they fight for their lives. I absolutely adore it. He is also one of the best indie artist cheerleaders, promoters, and general fans, that you will ever find. He runs a channel called Go Indie Now where he showcases all different types of indie artists including film makers, musicians, authors, editors, painters, you name it. I’ve found so many amazing people through Joe I was delighted when he submitted his second book to us for publication. Mostly because it meant I would get to read it as soon as it was written. And I’m all about that! Joe would you like to say hello and introduce yourself to our audience? It’s a little bit weird for me to be hosting you for once.


Joe Compton:   Hello, I don’t know how I could possibly top your intro of me? This should be a fun little role reversal. 

TFP: You do know that it is Rebekah on this side of the interview, right? And that all things can be turned into innuendo against you? Ooooh its role reversal with a mask!


Joe Compton:  I am well aware of who is interviewing me and that’s okay, it is not going to matter what I say you will find a way to turn it into innuendo. You did after all edit this story and I think there were several points where there was a snicker or two, I am so used to it by now, LOL.   


TFP: It’s good to know you are getting used to it. That’s the first slippery step to the dark side. But yeah, this is a role reversal. Joe here was the first person to interview me as an author oh so many moons ago. No one else was willing to take a risk on someone who wrote erotic romance. But Joe is devoted to all things indie, and isn’t afraid of some spicy. 

So Joe, how was it writing book two?


Joe Compton:  A challenge. I didn't think it is was possible or going to happen. I had a ton of Sophomore slumping. It just never seemed to come together until you all at TFP took a chance on me. So in a way you did the same for me I did for you and I couldn't be more grateful for it. I was really lost with this story.


TFP: Aww yay! Well, when you told me that you were working on another book, after I read your first one, I could not leave that alone. And book two was worth the wait. I really appreciated getting to see more of Janie and learning who she was. Did Chuck come back to you easily enough? Did you know Janie before you started writing her, or did you get to know her as you wrote?


Joe Compton: For Chuck I would say kind of, I had to think about the timeline a little bit and think he grew from his experiences and how that might look and sound. Once I had that though he came back to me pretty well. I loved getting to know Janie more and absolutely I learned a lot about her. Knowing that I wanted her to be a big part of this story I did have to have a little of that for her going in and how I wanted to start her journey but a lot of it came in our discussions about her and in writing her as I went along.


 TFP: Is there anything you would like to tell the audience about your bad guy here? You are known for your completely spine tingling psycho bad guys, after all.


Joe Compton:  That was another fun element of this story to play with, especially given our political climate right now. As far as storytelling goes I think sometimes we reach far or too hard for subverting or having a twist that we don't realize how much the obvious works and how effective it really is. I liked exploring that.

TFP: Sadly, cause of course I want to talk more about your book, we are getting a bit long here. So why don’t you go ahead and tell everyone where they can find you, and stalk you like I do so love to do. Remember folks, Joe is willing to write another book if you leave him reviews and keep talking about how awesome the next one will be. And as someone who has read the ending, you all can’t wait for book three to come out as well.


Joe Compton:  You can check me out on Facebook 



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Thank you for having me and talking to me Rebekah. Thank you for all your love and support too. I will make this promise right here, right now. You all will not have to wait as long for Book 3 and I am excited to share this one with you all and continue these stories. 

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